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Specialty Products
Venison Products

We do not skin/cut/debone Venison. If you have deboned venison, we can make it into hot dogs, ring bologna, mini sticks, sweet bologna, venison sausage and dry beef.  Dry beef and jerky must be made from whole muscle.  All venison is kept separate—so the venison you bring in is the venison you take home.  Please see the chart listed below for products, price per pound and minimum weight requirements.

Price Per LB
Minimum Weight


(VP Included)


(VP Included)



$3.00/LB (Loose)

$3.50/LB (Stuffed)




10 LBS or more

15 LBS or more

20 LBS or more

20 LBS or more

10 LBS or more

Other Specialty Products

Hot Dogs

(includes pork)


(includes 20% Pork)

Ring Bologna

(Includes 20 % Pork)

Sweet Bologna

(Includes 20% Beef)

Venison Sausage 

(includes 50% Pork)

Adding Cheddar or Hot Cheese

Vacuum Packing Meat Products

Slicing Sweet Bologna

* prices are per lb on finished weights
* Both Jerky and Dry Beef must be sliced from whole muscle

$4.00/LB on Raw Weight

$2.00/LB on Raw Weight

(Slicing Dry Beef add $.50/LB)


Dry Beef



Grinding your Venison 

Vacuum Packing

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