Pork Processing

Pork is not aged like beef and is generally cut within a few days. Download the instruction sheet look it over and give us a call and we can go over it with you to ensure we get it cut the way you want. We must have your instructions by the day the pig arrives. Thank you!

Harvest Fee:                                              $45.00                          

Cut, Vacuum Packed, and Frozen:         $.85/lb            


Cut Only:                                                    $.58/lb


Curing/Smoking:                                       $.95/lb     


Slicing Hams/Shoulders:                          $2.50 each


Slicing Bacon:                                            $3.50 each





Roasting Hogs


No Head:                                                $60.00


Head on:                                                $70.00

Please call for USDA processing and labeling prices

please note: instructions are due on the day that your animal is delivered to the meat shop. Thank you!

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