Beef Processing

Generally we age beef 10 to 14 days but it all depends on if the beef has enough fat cover. Leaner beef will hang closer to 10 days and beef with more cover will hang closer to 14 days. We will try to meet the customers wishes but in the end we will determine how long each beef is aged.  If you are getting a whole beef , 1/2 beef, front quarter, or hind quarter download the beef instruction sheet. Fill out the appropriate selections and email it back or give us a call and we will go over it with you to ensure we process it the way you want. If you are getting what is referred to as a divided side or a split side you must get a standard cut and you will have to call to give us your instructions. All instructions must be submitted by the date your beef arrives. Thank you!

Harvest Fee:  $95.00               Cut, Vacuum Packed & Frozen:  $.85/lb              Cut Only: $.58/lb                 Patties:  $.50/lb      

please note: instructions are due on the day that your animal is delivered to the meat shop. Thank you!

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